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I've had an incredibly successful career. It has not been a straight path, that's for sure, nor have I taken traditional routes to get where I am today. But I have been very fortunate, working my way up through all sorts of organizations as a team-motivating, revenue-generating leader and mentor. However, it's not all about me, in fact, it has little to do with me. It's been the people I have had the opportunity to train and mentor, that together we could generate a BILLION dollars in revenue.  This has motivated me to shift gears and put earning back in the hands of the people who work the hardest. 

In my corporate career, I have personally promoted more than 40 men and women into sales management positions and watched over 200 others I have mentored early on in their careers go on to make well over 6 figures. 

I know what it takes to get people to a high 6-figure income and beyond. 

Despite this success, I heard my employees express frustration knowing that they were at or close to their maximum salary potential despite excellent performance. They also were tired of asking permission for time off—for vacation, kids events, and to attend to personal needs. After years of hearing this I decided it was time for me to give back, and this is the best way I know how—to train people how to generate the necessary revenue to build their successful businesses, and to gain the freedom they ultimately desire.

I am here to lead and motivate people to be their best. 

This is what I have always loved, to see others succeed.

And by succeed, I mean generate revenue, lots of revenue.

I train individuals and teams to bring the income home and experience the freedom they work so hard to earn and to shatter what they ever thought possible. 

I will show you how to earn more than you ever thought possible. This is my expertise.

This is for you if...

You're trying to generate revenue (whether you are in a service or product based business)

You already have or currently work within a business that has the basic structures in place and are ready to generate serious revenue

You're ready to shatter your income goals this year

And if you have a team you are ready to lead them to victory!